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致勝之道【Lost in art】A great portfolio that brings you a great future. Interview...

【Lost in art】A great portfolio that brings you a great future. Interview with Stephanie N, Founder and Director, Konrede.

If you are an art student, or one with a creative background, a portfolio is definitely something you are familiar with. It is a compulsory requirement when you apply for a relevant degree or job. However, are you really sure that your portfolio is great enough to inspire, or even to fascinate others? Is there anything you can do to improve your portfolio? Konrede, a first local professional Art and Design Portfolio Development studio, specializes in supporting their clients to create an outstanding portfolio by providing one-on-one tailored guidance. Stephanie Ng, the founder and director of Konrede, believes that everyone, especially the younger generation, has unique and immense creativity and potential. With the right guidance, they can get into a higher level effectively.

The studio of Konrede is located in Sheung Wan, with approximately 2,000 feet of space. Their clients can therefore create their own works there freely and comfortably.

Why do we need an inspiring portfolio?

You need a key to open the door. So, if you want to get into the fields of art and creativity, a portfolio is a key to kick-start your career. “A portfolio takes years to prepare. It’s your visual resume… It is the representation of all the works that you’ve been doing, or the best work that you’ve been doing actually. It showcases your personal style, abilities, techniques, and everything that represents you as a creative”, Stephanie explains. However, the crux of a great portfolio is always being underestimated by the majority of people in Hong Kong. Even if they do understand the role a portfolio plays, there is a lack of resources and information for them to strive for the best. That is exactly why Konrede spends all its efforts providing comprehensive support to its clients.

In fact, the development of portfolio building services is well-oriented in different modern countries including China, Japan and South Korea. They have a well-organized structure, in which clients can build their portfolios step by step systematically.

●Konrede also provides tips and advice for advanced education, or preparing clients for their university or job interview.

How does Konrede help to build a great portfolio?

Before it starts, Konrede will first assess the needs and ability of each client, as well as the progress of a portfolio, in order to tailor make a suitable session plan. Therefore, every client’s work is different and irreplaceable. “We have a dedicated and professional team. No matter what kind of portfolio you are going to create, fine art, architecture, fashion and textile, each of us can nurture the skills and techniques you need”, Stephanie says. From senior school to higher level education, bachelor degree to master level, or getting ready to work, Konrede is totally capable of delivering a well-rounded solution. “But we will only offer instructions and guidance for our clients. They would have to create the work themselves. So, we can make sure the originality and authenticity of the work,” Stephanie reminds.Konrede has so far accumulated numerous successful cases. Their clients have received offers from various top art schools with scholarships.

Secrets of entering the art and creative industry

As an enlightened art worker with over years of teaching experience, Stephanie thinks that the growth of each client is the most memorable and fulfilling part of her work. She enjoys witnessing the progress and changes of clients step by step throughout the courses. People always question, what are the essential characteristics to step into the art industry? “I heard a lot of people actually saying that creativity is a natural thing. It is by nature and not everyone can have it, but I say otherwise. I think everyone has some level of creativity in them. It’s how you nurture it, how you make it grow and bloom”, Stephanie answers.

Moreover, curiosity and diligence are also indispensable, not only in this industry, but for every single part of life. People are encouraged to keep posted for news from every corner of the world, closely sticking to the latest trend and social issues, as inspiration always comes from every aspect in life. And take action rather than questioning, “You have to take the initiatives to want to do more. You want to build your portfolio. You want to try different things. I always say, you gotta start somewhere, you gotta start doing something. And you never know what the outcome would be. It might be better than you expect.”

●When it comes to the most remarkable portfolio in Stephanie’s career, she says that she can’t decide, because every piece is so special on its own.