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致勝之道【Aviation】Connecting a Better World. An interview with Craig Winfrey, the VP of...

【Aviation】Connecting a Better World. An interview with Craig Winfrey, the VP of Commercial, Topcast. 

People travel the world every day, there are approximately two hundred thousands flights that take off every day around the globe. With a trustworthy and experienced aviation supplier, travelers and businessmen are able to have their long-distance journeys safely and efficiently. Topcast is one of the strongest global suppliers in the aviation industry, providing aircraft parts, maintenance services, and solutions in the market. Topcast does more than that, according to Craig Winfrey, Vice President of Commercial of Topcast, the company also bridges geographies, time zones, and cultures and facilitates global transportation and world commerce. Topcast connects people, and ultimately, Topcast helps connecting a better world. 

Recently, Topcast has just launched a new corporate identity. Craig introduces,” At Topcast, we live and breathe aviation. Our new logo includes a globe consisted of an array of directional arrows, representing the global connectivity that is at the core of Topcast.” Along with the corporate vision of “Connecting a Better World”, Topcast aims to solidify its role to connect global players in the aviation industry. 

“Being one of the world-leading industry players, we will bring exceptional customer-centric services to new heights with comprehensive business strategies to ultimately drive industry advancement,” Craig stated. 

By setting up 22 worldwide offices in Greater China, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions, Topcast connects suppliers with customers in all segments across over 90 countries. Topcast offers one-stop-shop solutions and supports to meet customers’ needs, “our exploration stretches beyond the boundaries of aviation to provide solutions for utilities, power and data communication, and other infrastructures.”Craig emphasized. 

In the future, Topcast strikes to be the best. “We see China as one of the most important aviation markets in the Asia Pacific, thus we plan to continue our expansion in the mainland. We also focus on further expanding our MRO capabilities to continue improving the level of OEM-approved repair support.” Craig added, “We are ready to provide more compelling offerings in the market, such as integrated solutions delivering both parts supply chain and MRO support at a lower price, faster turnaround time, and more environmentally friendly options for less carbon dioxide emission from the cross-border logistics.” 

Topcast values creativity. To be a world-leading company, the company is inspired by people who push their boundaries, people who think visionary and extremely innovative to take Topcast to the next level. In the ever-changing business environment, Topcast will accelerate their business growth by establishing new principals’ partnerships, as well as expanding existing principals’ scope to advance their portfolios of product and service. 

Topcast is an excellent aviation service provider and distributor around the globe. The company is driven by passion and innovation, which will never stick to ‘business as usual’. Topcast will always keep an eye on the future and always seek to develop new markets, new products, and new services for connecting a better world.