Brand Innovation
  • Able to show brand innovation and uniqueness
  • Products or Amenities are shown to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Originality
  • Offering beyond expectation services
  • User experience
  • Consistency
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Outstanding contributions to community and social contributions
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Sustainability of products
  • Reduce waste of resources in any form
Business Management
  • Recognized quality of products and services
  • Able to deliver promises and reaching goals and strategic plans
  • Sustainable corporate governance
  • Recognized outstanding achievements in upholding shareholder rights, compliance, integrity, responsibility, accountability and more…
Market Competitiveness
  • Impacts that the brand can bring to the Asian Market
  • Able to innovate your brand (Product & Service) continuously
  • Able to foresee, quantify, and overcome problems