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致勝之道【Wealth Inheritance】 A Reliable and Rewarding Home for Wealth, “Investment is all...

【Wealth Inheritance】 A Reliable and Rewarding Home for Wealth, “Investment is all about experience.” An Interview with Keith Wong, Chief Executive, Winland Wealth Management Limited.  

“Thou shall not put all eggs in one basket”, a phrase often heard when investing. However, in a complex and ambiguous financial market, how are individuals and businesses expect to invest?  

According to Keith Wong, Chief Executive of Winland Wealth Management Limited, “wealth management is all about wealth preservation and growth of assets. It is our mission to assist families and friends in meeting their financial objectives.” 

A Family Office established in 1970, with over 50 years of investment experience, Winland Wealth is a pioneer of investment offerings.  The wealth management firm provides safe, flexible, and tailored services to ensure distinct client objectives are met.  

“Our business evolves through innovation, practical knowledge, and by listening to our clients.  The services we provide can never be learnt or read directly from a book. It is all based upon experience.”  Keith stated. 

Common investors tend to fixate themselves on high yields and high returns. This often leads to high risk investing that conflicts with sustainability. Winland Wealth goes beyond the regulatory norms, initiating and guiding clients to realise their true risk tolerance level by asking relevant questions. “In fact, when it comes to investing, we always talk about risks rather than returns.” Keith emphasized, “as risk and return offsets each other, it is typical that higher returns often come with higher risks. That is why we need go the extra mile in understanding the rightful risk-appetites of clients.” 

Keith accumulated over 30 years of financial services management experience both working in Hong Kong and overseas. “Investing nowadays is all about being able to see the grand picture. It is about having the ability to adjust one’s strategy for the future, rather than being focused on the past”. He hopes that Winland Wealth’s clients could better understand the complex concept of wealth management, and therefore, be protected during volatile markets. “Only through detailed analysis and steadfast discipline, are we able to provide sounding advice to our clients.”  

While other companies and financial institutions may view wealth management as a pre-packaged service, Winland Wealth differentiates themselves by building their services around individual client needs. “There is no definite methodology when it comes to wealth management.   Most desirable services will be delivered once we have fully understood the situation and intentions of our clients. This ensures that we can offer what is best suited for them,” says Keith; “we care and understand our clients. The advice we give is usually based on family or personal needs, but not driven by product features or distributional benefits. The difference is all about us respecting and caring for our clients.” 

In an erratic global economy, the importance of liquidity and solvency are often overlooked. Therefore, Winland Wealth seeks to educate their clients on the importance of diversification when investing, ensuring they can preserve their wealth. “We customise investment suggestions based on client needs,” Keith explains, “we will start on the basis of the protection needs, and then followed by the long-term needs, the fixed income needs, and eventually, the capital growth needs.” 

According to Keith, “people usually don’t get into trouble because of lacking assets but will be in trouble because of lacking cash.” When in consideration of securing cashflows, Winland Wealth would recommend their clients to employ income-generating solutions. An example of such fixed income investments would include dedicated private debts.  

Apart from traditional financial investments, Winland Wealth also delivers a wide range of non-financial investment vehicles including but not limited to, secured real estate, forestry, and rare whisky. “The world of investment is constantly changing,” Keith states, “we need to be more vigilante and proficient when diversifying our investment portfolios.  In the old days, people diversify their investments through different sectors, geography, and markets. However, with the introduction of derivatives and technology, financial products are much more correlated than ever before.” Keith affirms, “with the availability of a wide range of unique and alternative assets at Winland Wealth, our clients can create truly diversified portfolios suited to modern day investment needs”. 

Winland Wealth is a unique wealth management service provider in Hong Kong.  The company is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the financial market, and endeavours to provide quality and bespoke investment solutions to their clients.